Why Quick Dry?

We are suppliers of dried vegetables and spices. We have been in continuous operation since 1996 providing the food industry with quality, affordable and healthy dried ingredients.

We are global procurement. We are proud to offer our customers product sourced from an exclusive global network of supply. We are committed to responsibly sourced agriculture and a program of sustained supplier development as ingredients are best procured when there is a mutual interest in the long term success of both parties.

We are food safety. Quick Dry has partnered with food safety organizations around the world in order to develop and maintain an internationally recognized standard for food safety. Our commitment to providing safe food ingredients to our customers is rigorous and uncompromisable.

We are customer service. We are committed to working with our customers so that we both understand their expectations and assist them with any issues. Our staff is very responsive – try giving us a call at + 1 (847) 785-1249 and immediately speak with a friendly member of our staff.

We are distributors. We work with our customers to understand what their needs will be for the year as well as the moment. Our large warehouse gives our customers the convenience of releasing product on demand. Our order fulfilment team is the best in the industry as it able to rapidly process orders in order to meet an unexpected deadline and all at no additional cost.

We are American Owned. Headquartered outside Chicago in Waukegan, Illinois, Quick Dry Foods is the largest supplier of dried vegetables and spices independent of foreign ownership or investment. We are proud to be an American owned business with a true understanding of the market we serve.

Quick Dry Foods was built to supply the American Food Industry with consistent, affordable, and quality dried vegetables and spices.
Our Responsible and Ethical Business Practices
Helped us to Build an Exclusive and Sustainable
Network Of Supply. Our Commitment to Customer
Satisfaction has Made us a Leader in Our Industry.